Introducing BEER

Lorythril .Btc
1 min readJun 24, 2021

Beer has officially launched on Lamden’s RocketSwap exchange.

Introducing the BEER token — Lamden’s newest FOMO.

It was originally created with a supply of 188Million, reflecting the annual per capita consumption of the Czech Republic (according to Wikipedia). The Dev realized that they drink WAY too much over there, so we have conducted our first burn. 170Million tokens were sent to 0000000000000BURN0000000000000 — verifiable on

Beer was intended to be a token of your appreciation. When you can’t buy someone a beer in person, be sure to send them one virtually.

Some of you may have noticed that early tips were always in “cases” of 12 or 24. This was no accident. Be sure to show your appreciation by sending a beer to those who you think deserve it!

This is just the start of Beer — keep an eye on this space for upcoming developments as they are